Finding work as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) is often the starting point for most people when they take the courses and complete their program. Working as a CNA, you might have seen LVNs taking charge in the workplace. LVNs are calm, cool, and confident, possessing the tools and knowledge to help doctors and nurses through their day.

It’s actually not a major leap to transform your career from CNA to LVN either. With your experiences and education, you can immediately start an LVN program and within a year, complete the program.

Just imagine, you could be achieving your dreams in a quarter of the time it takes university students to cycle through school. You already have the experience and getting your certification would put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition for some of the best jobs on the market.

LVNs and LPNs typically have a higher salary, more responsibilities, and a much wider scope of practical knowledge than CNAs.

How to go from CNA to LVN

One thing that makes California Career Institute’s LVN program unique is that it includes the CNA course as well. This makes CCI’s program much more beneficial for new students and easier for current CNAs to complete the program.

Many people think the journey from CNA to LVN is a difficult one but you can actually achieve this dream in as little as 12 months. That’s right! You can start your professional career as a licensed vocational nurse in just a year.

LVN programs work much the same as CNAs. You will learn the required material for the course of the program under the tutelage and instructions of professional that know the ins and outs of this growing field. The fact is you can begin the journey to becoming an LVN right now.

On average, LVNs earn twice as much as their CNA counterparts and are given roles of leadership over CNAs in most healthcare settings.

Unlike most nurses that spend years and years getting trained, you have the opportunity to start impacting your community right away, finding lucrative employment easily after completing the program.

The first step is simply contacting the dedicated staff at California Career Institute for free information.