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Vocational Nursing Program

Nurses are in desperate need! Act Now. Nurses are the backbone of America’s Expanding health care System with a high Expected growth rate. CCI LVN Class Schedule: Part Time Schedule: CCI LVN Class Schedule: Part Time Schedule: only 3 days per week total 18 months in length.

Medical Assistant Program

You’ve seen it before, the mother of three who works two jobs just to live paycheck-to-paycheck, the daughter taking care of her sick father and carrying the financial burden. Everyone wants a successful career but some can’t afford to sacrifice the time for school because of these responsibilities. Our medical assistant program can change lives. Medical assistants play a key role in the medical fields providing much-needed services to patients.

Medical Assistant

Dental Assistant Program

If you enjoy hands-on work, possess technical and interpersonal skills and appreciate being a valued member of a team, you could pursue work as a dental assistant. Dental assistants perform important duties under the direct supervision of dentists and support other dental team members and each patient. Ensuring patient comfort and ease before and during treatments, while managing the finer points of dental offices, is all part of the multifaceted work of dental assistants.

Associate of Applied Sciences in Vocational Nursing (AASVN) Degree

The AASVN Degree program builds on the Vocational Nursing Diploma by adding 100% online General Education and Science courses required for graduates of the pre-licensure Associate Degree Registered Nursing Program.
The goal of this pos-licensure program is to educate and develop Vocational Nurses to become more well-rounded professionals through undergraduate General Education which can open up additional opportunities for employment.

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