What a Medical Career Can Do for You

An education from our college can be your first step toward a medical career. As demand for
more medical and dental workers grows, early stage medical professionals are finding work in
numerous settings, including:

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Whether you’re a high school student in pursuit of a healthcare career to build hands-on skills,
or a working professional interested in switching careers, CCI can help you tailor your education
to your healthcare training journey.

California Career Institute Programs

Our programs center on vocational nursing, medical assistance, and dental assistance. With years of industry experience, the education we provide will help you in achieving your career goals.

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Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) Program

Vocational nurses are professionals with the
training to:

  • Provide basic nursing care and medications.
  • Act as a professional liaison in patient care and in supporting patients and their families.
  • Maintain administrative records in collaboration with other medical staff.

California Career Institute offers accredited education in a college setting that helps students prepare for examinations to become Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN).

Learn more about our LVN program here.

Medical Assistant Program

Medical assistants are integral to healthcare
facilities, responsible for:

  • Clinical duties that range from laboratory tests to specimen collection.
  • Maintaining patient support and comfort.
  • Managing the organization of their respective healthcare setting.

CCI provides its students with medical training designed to help you work towards your future career goals.

Learn more about our Medical Assistant Program here.
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Dental Assistant Program

Dental assistants offer support to dentists in numerous settings, providing help with:

  • Dental procedures.
  • X-rays and dental impressions.
  • Administrative record keeping, patient outreach and support.

CCI’s program provides its students with the education and skillsets needed to help the students pursue a career in the dental industry.

Learn more about our Dental Assistant Program here.

How CCI Can Help You

In pursuit of helping each student develop their abilities and enter the medical workforce, we at California Career Institute provide:

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Affordable programs and financial aid options for qualified students.

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Externship experiences to supplement practical education.

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Hands-on-training in equipped facilities with modern technology.

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Career Services personnel to assist students with job placement.

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Preparedness for certification.

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Flexible class schedules.

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Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET)

California Career Institute is accredited by the ACCET, a private accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. CCI benefits from the detailed examination and periodic review of our educational curricula, our instructors and our facilities, helping to ensure your education and medical school correspond with the prestigious agency’s standards and guidelines.

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