Top 10 Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Employers hiring medical assistants are looking for candidates with a mastery of both clerical and personal skills.

Those looking into a medical assistant program can expect rigorous training in both medical and healthcare administrative skills. It will be your job to record patient information, answer questions about healthcare insurance and policies, prepare rooms for doctors and nurses, and even take vital signs.

Experience in all these duties will help you land the job, but it’s always best to prepare for more specific questions too. Expect questions on healthcare procedures, situational responses, and questions pertaining to your personality as a good fit for the business.

California Career Institute takes great pride ensuring the success of our students. That’s why we’ve chosen the most common questions that employers are likely to ask. See the list below and develop your own responses based on this information before you go to your next medical assistant interview.

Top 10 Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Can you handle stress in a fast paced environment?

The job requires thinking quickly on your feet. Coming up with a solution to problems on the spot is a highly sought after skill.

Provide an example of an agitated patient and how you helped them before they left the office.

Most of a medical assistant’s job is helping patients. That means you need experience helping people. Don’t worry if you’ve never had a medical assistant job before. Make any past customer service experience relatable to the position.

How would you treat a patient that suddenly fell unconscious?

It seems random, but you might get a similar question. Typically, the employer wants to see what you would do in a situation where immediacy and action are required.

How should you calm an upset person at the front desk?

Hospitals and other facilities want a calm and soothing atmosphere. It’s necessary to master the art of calming people that are upset, especially in a place that gives a lot of tough news.

What type of person are you?

If you want to succeed as a medical assistant, you should have the right temperament. Generally, a hiring staff wants someone calm, quick-thinking, a people-person, and a quick learner.

What makes you a good candidate for this position?

This question is asked by most employers, not just in a medical assistant interview. Why should they hire you over the next person? List your accomplishments and experiences that would make you the best choice.

What made me consider this Company?

This goes along with the question above but gives you an opportunity to show off your knowledge of the company. You must research the facility before the medical assistant interview. Even a little knowledge will show your dedication and proactive nature.

Is medical assisting just a pit stop?

Hiring mangers want people to commit. Unlike most 9-5 jobs, this industry doesn’t try to use you up and spit you out. They want you to be comfortable and stick around. Tell them your plans for the future in a way that expresses you intend to stay.

Have ever given injections?

Practical questions, such as these, are posed to gauge how much experience you have. Having experience performing these basic medical procedures might help them choose you.

How do you solve a conflict between yourself and a co-worker?

A hospital is first and foremost a team. When people aren’t working well together, patients suffer. You’ll express how to calmly deal with an angry co-worker and resolve the issue in a timely manner. Employers don’t want a ticking time-bomb.

California Career Institute wishes you luck in your medical assistant interview.

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