Month: April 2022

Benefits Of Becoming A Medical Assistant

Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant

Everyone knows healthcare is a large and growing field, full of benefits, but does that apply to everyone that works in the industry? Since medical assistants have both clinical and administrative skills, they typically have more flexibility when it comes to where they can work, how much they make, and what they will be doing. Compress Image

Skills Needed After a Medical Assistant Program

Medical Assistant positions are among the fastest growing careers in healthcare. Since the demand is high and the number of MA students continues to grow, employers might be more selective than you think. This means that you might need an edge over the competition when it comes to your resume. While you don’t need a

Weekend Evening Nursing Program In California

CCI’s Weekend & Evening Nursing Program in California

Weekend & Evening Nursing Program. Getting a great education doesn’t have to be the impossible task you imagine it to be. California Career Institute understands the needs of people. The mother of two, working multiple jobs to support her children, the retired veteran looking to get back into the workforce, and the bright young minds