CCI’s Weekend & Evening Nursing Program in California

Weekend & Evening Nursing Program. Getting a great education doesn’t have to be the impossible task you imagine it to be. California Career Institute understands the needs of people.

The mother of two, working multiple jobs to support her children, the retired veteran looking to get back into the workforce, and the bright young minds fresh from high school looking for a career that will impact their community.

These are the people CCI looks to help when they approach our doors.

Our weekend & evening nursing program in California is a convenient way for you to grow as a licensed vocational nurse, helping doctors and nurses assist the elderly and the sick.

Our evening classes are not only convenient for you as a student but they also provide you with quality tools and instructors so you can flourish in your new field.

The problem with most nursing programs and the institutes that offer them is that they don’t offer evening courses. This might work for younger students just starting out in the world but most Americans need to work to make a living.

The current educational system does not work for people that struggle from paycheck to paycheck and dream of something better.

That’s why California Career Institute makes it easier for people to do both. The weekend & evening nursing program in California comes as the perfect opportunity to rise above your current situation and find employment in one of the fastest growing fields in the United States.

Our programs teach you to care for patients, prepare them for upcoming procedures, schedule appointments, and keep the wheels of any healthcare facility turning.

The challenge may seem difficult but weekend after weekend you’ll find yourself learning valuable skills that will pay off when you become a licensed vocational nurse.

You have the opportunity to change your life and those of the people you help. The first step is a simple as making a phone call.

If you’re interested in a weekend & evening nursing program in California, then contact the experts at CCI for free information about the next steps for your bright new future.