A great education doesn’t have to be too far from home. California Career Institute is proud to offer flexible evening LVN programs in Los Angeles.

Students come to the Hawthorne and Garden Grove campuses for the best LVN programs in the country.

Another great benefit of joining our elite alumni list is the surrounding area. With just a short drive from the heart of Los Angeles, you can find a great education that will change your life.

At CCI, Vocational Nursing is one of our core programs and the most successful. On campus, we provide an eclectic curriculum that puts emphasis on applied skills that you need to be successful in the healthcare industry.

You will be prepared for a fast-paced career helping doctors and nurses save lives.

Many people in the area find that working full time and paying off a house mortgage is quite the task. How then do they fit in time for school? Our LVN program is pretty accommodating to our students and you’ll have the opportunity to work with trained professionals to learn the skills you need quickly and effectively.

Having that extra flexibility, being able to learn after you work can make the difference between dreaming and achieving your goals.

The Hawthorne campus gives students, living in one of the largest cities in the country, the chance to learn at their own pace and find the tools they need to go from struggling in a job they hate to having a meaningful career.

CCI’s evening LVN programs in Los Angeles are a convenient way to live your life in the city you love and have access to the nation’s top performing vocational nursing schools.

Instructors that care, a campus that’s close to home, and opportunities that will lead to both job security and satisfaction, California Career Institute’s LVN program has them all.

With just a few small steps, you can start your journey toward a brighter future for you and your family.