As you think about going into a nursing program or even as you approach your start date for an LVN program, you might be wondering what to expect.

Many students aren’t sure what they’ll see when they walk through the doors of CCI or other nursing schools.

You might be nervous or shy; you might be imagining some intense lecturer giving a long-winded speech on a topic you simply don’t understand.

The truth is that you can throw all the outdated notions out the window.

You’ll still be learning from qualified and knowledgeable instructors but that’s pretty much the only thing that’s the same as traditional learning, at least as far as California Career Institute is concerned.

Vocational Nursing Programs at California Career Institute

Our approach is hands-on. You’ll learn from people that have been where you’re sitting and know what you need to learn from years and years of experience.

With the use of state-of-the-art instruments, you’ll have the opportunity to explore wonderful learning exercises that are proven to help students retain information better than traditional lectures.

You’ll also work with your other classmates to help you grow as a diverse team. This will be your start to working on a team in a healthcare setting with other professionals as you come up with solutions to issues that hospitals, mental health institutions, and other facilities face on a daily basis.

When you graduate our vocational nursing program, you’ll also gain the resources necessary to find a career you love. CCI offers workshops; resume building help, and mock-interviews that teach you exactly what employers want to hear from a well-rounded licensed vocational nurse.

Vocational nursing classes are more than just the dry, boring lectures you’re used to from your high school days; they teach you real-world lessons that actually apply to your life as a caregiver.

You can change your life and impact your community in a way that you never thought possible. Learn more about our vocational nursing program by contacting the experts at California Career Institute today!