What are CNA Programs?

For those of you researching the different medical fields available, you may have come across CNA Programs. These Certified Nursing Assistant programs take you through the training needed to become a CNA and start your career in healthcare and health administration. The benefit of choosing a CNA Program is that you can complete most of these courses in about 7 weeks.

With a workforce of nearly 2-million strong and an expected increase of 17% (Much faster than average), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many people choose to go this route because it allows students to join a rapidly growing industry in a short amount of time.

What Do CNA’s Do?

The CNA or certified nursing assistant serves as an assistant to registered nurses (RNs) and helps patients or clients with their healthcare needs.

As the foundation of healthcare facilities, it’s the responsibility of certified nursing assistants to provide basic care to patients. With the growing elderly population and changes to healthcare policies, healthcare facilities are looking for these positions to pick up the slack.

Patient care is the primary concern of CNAs and must be improved for the well-being of U.S. medicine.

They also assist patients in their daily activities, especially if the patients are part of an assisted living program.