Top 10 Reasons to Start your Vocational Nursing Training

The vocational nursing program is a licensed program that results in you receiving your certification up completion. In order to qualify and accepted into this program, an individual needs a hold high school diploma degree with a CGPA of at least 2.0 or a GED certificate.

The program offered at California Career Institute is a full-time program that can be completed in as little as 12 months. The most relevant duty of a licensed vocational nurse is that they are responsible for monitoring of patients’ vital signs such as blood pressure, respiration, temperature, height, and weight. Licensed vocational nurse have direct contact with patients, keeping record and update on patient’s histories and how they feel and monitor their responses to medications and treatments. It has an attractive median salary rate of $43,170 earned per annum, with the lowest 10% earned per annum of $32,040 and highest 10% earned of $59,510. It has an employment growth rate of 16 – 25% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average job ranking in response to the growing needs of the healthcare industry.

Licensed Vocational Nurse is a career that is in demand in California. California Career Institute has what it takes to deliver a good-quality training program at an affordable price. As a vocational nurse, you’ll have the flexibility to find employment at hospitals in almost any community.

Nursing is a profession with great flexibility. The career is very satisfying and you’ll serve on the front-line taking care of others. California Career Institute has the qualifications needed to get you started with your career training.

10 Reasons to Study Vocational Nursing


1. Making the Right Choice

California Career Institute is one of the top schools to start your career training. They offer good flexible hours for those who work during the day. Location, cost, and the learning style are important factors for students. This tells how the school organizes materials for learning, such as providing online lectures or getting articles via class or even textbooks via electronic such as reading via kindle or iPad.


2. Good Communication Skills

Vocational nursing as a profession requires great communication skills, as this will help you communicate with your patients, showing compassion with a genuine desire to ease pains and suffering. Patience and emotional stability will help them recover quicker. This usually serves as a way for creating a learning environment on how to take care of people and treat illness and injury.


3. Salary

Vocational licensed nurses earn a good salary with an average rate in California of $41,000 including benefits.


4. Enriched Working Experience

As a licensed vocational nurse, having a great place to work where you feel fulfilled each day is part of the reason why so many choose this career.


5. Work Flexibility

Licensed vocational nurses have great flexibility when it comes to working in different surroundings. Many find employment in private clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices or even outpatient facilities.


6. Job Security and Stability

Job security is one of the most important reasons who so many people choose a career in healthcare. Regardless of the economy, the need for vocational nurses seems to always be in demand. Hospitals and clinics are typically short staffed and the demand for quality licensed vocational nurses has continued to be high.

7. Opportunity to Make a Difference

Licensed vocational nursing as a career allows you to work directly with patients and their families. They have the ability to personally touch the lives of people despite its stressful nature. Nurses are well respected in the medical community and the general public; many licensed vocational nurses go home happy after a day at work, with the mind of making a difference in someone’s life.


8. Abundant Leadership Opportunities

Nursing as a profession gives an opportunity for leadership skills, which is an important part in the delivery of a patient’s care. A licensed vocational nurse can be an educator, which brings about the development of future leader’s skills, or an administrator giving support and guidance to a staff concerning certain office matters. However, experienced licensed vocational nurses often get supervisory roles in which they direct the work of other fellow nurses, nursing assistants, orderlies, and non-licensed professionals.


9. Exploring a New Career

Vocational nurses opt to continue their training program even after obtaining their certification and would like to have additional responsibilities and become a registered nurse. It is possible to advance your career and become an RN while still working as a vocational nurse. Many look at becoming an LVN as a stepping stone for a future position as an RN but need to gain that final experience needed to succeed.


10. Starting your New Career

Starting a Licensed Vocational nursing program as either full-time or part-time at California Career Institute can put you on a great path to a career nursing in 1 year. The nursing students at CCI receive hands-on training. The school offers clinical practices in a hospital, clinics, or other healthcare settings which will give you “real life” experience.


The vocational nursing program at California Career Institute is competitively priced and they offer financial aid to those who qualify. California Career Institute provides the opportunity to afford a quality education and give you the tools to succeed after graduation. CCI has qualified instructors that will guide you in preparation for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). This exam is a rigorous computer-based assessment covering safety, health promotion, and physical and psychological care for the patients. California Career Institute also offers a Medical Assistant training program for those looking for a program that can be completed in 8 months. The school is currently accepting new students into their nursing program at their Garden Grove campus location. To learn more about the program and how to enroll visit their website at www.calinstitut.edu or call 310.355.0512 to schedule a personalized campus tour.