Working in healthcare can be daunting sometimes. You work in an environment that deals with tragedy on a daily basis and requires you to have a tough constitution.

It’s also true that nurses see no end to juggling a meaningful career with their personal lives. That’s why it’s so important for nurses to manage their stress.

California Career Institute supports nurses across the globe by spreading awareness of this common issue in the industry.

Being a caregiver means putting your all into helping other people; ironically, these kind-hearted people forget to take care of themselves. We see this more often with nurses than any other profession. That’s why you need to develop a system of managing the emotional and physical stress of caregiving that allows you to grow and cultivate your mental health and keep helping others.

With a sound body and mind, you’re better able to help the people under your care as a nurse. Take a look at the list of helpful stress relieving activities that can be performed at work.

Stress Management Techniques for Nurses

Deep Breathing – Nothing can be simpler and you always have time to breath. What seems like a benign part of your daily life actually has its places in many spiritual practices. Spending five minutes before and after work with breath exercises can help decrease your overall stress levels throughout the day. This is something you can easily do on your commute. Try inhaling deeply for 4 seconds and exhaling for 6, counting each one as you go. Make sure your mind is focused solely on your breathing. Sometimes simple solutions are the best

Meditation – Meditating is another great way to relieve stress. This can also utilize a breathing technique but more often involves simply closing your eyes in silence and focusing on the moment. When thought about your day start to enter your mind, concentrate on your breathing and let them go.

Working Out – Now, you may not have time to spend an hour every day at the gym but simple exercises are proven to go a long way to improving mental health and stability. Something as simple as a 15-minute job around your work’s building is enough to relieve some of the stress you feel in the workplace.

Dietary Nutrition – Putting the right stuff in your body can give you the energy your body and mind need to make it through the day. Some of the best foods for relieving stress are green leafy vegetables, organic turkey breast, salmon, blueberries, pistachios, and dark chocolate. Packing healthy meals every night with this great list of foods can put you in the right mindset to help your patients while keeping a positive attitude.

However, you decide to relieve your stress is up to you. Just remember that as a nurse, it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself first so you’re in the right mind to help others to the best of your abilities.