According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Average LVN Salary is $44,090 per year as of 2017, a slight increase from 2016 and is expected to keep growing. This salary of LVNs also varies heavily based on a few different factors. Mainly, the city, the level of experience you have, your skills, and the employer you choose.

For example, you might make closer to 52,000-60,000 working with the right company in San Francisco.

Typically, licensed vocational nurses have developed the skills to work in most any healthcare facility but that doesn’t mean you are strictly limited to hospital settings, in fact, most private sector organizations will be the ones to get you the higher figures for your skills.

In fact, a good percentage of CCI graduates found careers with a salary between $60,000 and $65,000.

What is the Starting Pay for LVN in California

One popular example of this is the pay for LVNs at institutions like Kaiser Permanente, which offer people an average of $26.99 per hour. Genesis Healthcare is another high-paying example of LVN opportunities.

The two aspects that you want to pay close attention to are the city you choose to work and the company you decide to go with. There is plenty of information you can choose to look up the pay scales for both core determinants of a licensed vocational nurses pay.

Another important thing to consider is the urgency for healthcare professionals in the near future. The United States is already experiencing a shortage in doctors and nurses and is expected to be seriously impacted by the growing Baby Boomer population. This puts LVNs in a strong position to find fruitful employment anywhere in the country as wages continue to increase to meet the need for these positions.

Not only is job security a firm benefit of this field now but that will likely become even more cemented as the market continues to bloom. The Bureau of Labor Statistics already predicts a 16% increase in the number of LVN jobs over the next 10 years and shows no sign of stopping.

Now is the perfect time to get started in this exciting field. To learn more about becoming a licensed vocational nurse, contact the offices of California Career Institute for free information.