If you’ve just completed a medical assistant program and are building a quality resume that is sure to catch the attention of an employer, then you’ve come to the right place.

While California Career Institute (CCI) offers custom resume building for its graduates, you might have received your education from another institution, leaving you to fill an empty resume template, alone.

It may seem daunting to recent graduates with no experience under their belt, but there are some elements to highlight that will make you and your medical assistant resume look great.

Elements of a Quality Medical Assistant Resume

Write an Eye-Catching Career Objective (CO)

The purpose of a CO is to show off your better personality traits, goals, and skills in one fluid paragraph that aligns well with your employer’s values.

This should be more or less the same for a medical assistant resume. Try to cover the following points:

  • Your best certification or qualifications

  • Any prior experience

  • Personal qualities that would make an ideal candidate

Showcase Your Certificates

Your certifications and training are things that most employers will look for first. If these aren’t seen immediately, your resume could be tossed aside without a second glance.

Simply emphasize your training and experience.

Your Professional Experience

No, you don’t have a medical assistant job yet, but that does not preclude you from having experience. Any workshops you’ve attended or shadowing you did while in school can easily apply to your experience. CCI provides that and much more.

The Lowdown on Education

You will list your MA training and the school you attended, whether you went to a 4-year college, community college, or a trade school.

If you do not have a certification, this is where you’ll want to expand on your experiences while studying.

Additional Skills

Some employers might be on the verge of choosing you but your resume looks similar to a few others that are also under consideration. One thing that may set you apart from the rest is your applicable skills.

A medical assistant resume should cover:

Time management – Juggling shifts, talking with patients, tracking and pulling medical records, the hectic environment of a healthcare facility leaves little time. Showing a proficiency in managing time is extremely appealing to employers.

Teamwork Skills – You need to be a team player to succeed as a medical assistant. You’ll work with doctors, nurses, administrators, and patients to keep the flow of a facility running smoothly.

Computer Skills – This one may sound strange, but a large part of your job is keeping, writing, and finding digital information. It’s crucial. Knowledge of using hospital database and other software will put you way ahead of the game.

Communication – Since you act as the mediator between other medical professionals and their patients, you must have excellent communication skills.

Social Skills – While you probably don’t possess any medical assistant experience, most people have had their fair share of customer support experience. Showing your foreign language skills, your customer service experience or your time as a supervisor at a retail store is worth more than you think.

Don’t leave your medical assistant resume lacking! California Career Institute is dedicated to enriching the lives of our students and we’re here to help you.


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