When most people start looking into new careers, they often wonder what kind of job they can get from their education upon or after graduation.

If you’re curious about fields in healthcare, then a medical assistant’s role just might be the thing for you and California Career Institute has the answers to your questions. As an accredited institution, it’s our job to know as much as possible about the programs we offer, including what happens after our students move on to gain fruitful careers in the healthcare industry.

When you become a medical assistant, you’re not limited one place; you actually have more options than most other professions, giving you the power to market your skills and choose the field and the environment that you want.

Medical assistant jobs often revolve around the administrative and clinical tasks promoting patient care. Some medical assistant tasks include: scheduling a patient’s appointments, charting eligibility verification, preparing for minor surgical procedures, conducting diagnostic tests, administering medications, and educating patients about their upcoming treatments.

Medical Assistant Jobs

Once you have mastered the subjects and completed your accredited program under the supervision of a trained professional, you can find a career that suits you. Some of these include:

  • Medical Offices

  • Ambulatory Care Providers

  • Clinics

  • HMOs administrative offices

  • Urgent Care Centers

  • Medical Supply Businesses

  • Home Health Agencies

  • Insurance Providers

You may have heard that medical assistants can only work in hospitals, but that’s simply not true. You’ll have the tools to carve out a path that fits your ideals and values. Between government funded healthcare facilities and those in private sectors, medical assistants will be able to set their future at a pace unprecedented in US history.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of medical assistant jobs will increase by 23% over the next 10 years, making this field one of the fastest growing professions, today.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a medical assistant, or even just have a simple question, contact the experts at California Career Institute for free information. We also have financial aid available to those that apply, making your education affordable. Medical assistant jobs are waiting.

Join this growing workforce and start today!