As you research the difference between LPN and LVN programs, you might not know which to choose if you’re considering entering a program.

To put it simply, LVN and LPN programs are the same.

Some places use one term and some use the other. So don’t be nervous when researching the two. California and Texas primarily use LVN, where most other states use LPN.

Regardless of letters, both programs help you succeed on the NCLEX-PN exam. The completion of LPN or LVN programs, along with passing this exam, will give you everything you need for a lucrative healthcare career.

Why Consider LPN/ LVN Programs

If you are not sure what the job entails, then we have some information for you. Becoming a licensed vocational nurse or a licensed practical nurse is something that you should consider if the idea of healthcare interests you at all.

LPN/LVN programs cost much less than medical school and usually takes less time to complete. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and hours in a classroom, you could already have your license and be enjoying a career as a licensed vocational nurse/licensed practical nurse.