Medical assistants are individuals who perform administrative and clinical tasks in various settings of the healthcare industry including: physician offices, hospitals, and other related healthcare facilities. Medical assistants assist in the examination and treatments of patients who are under the care of a physician. They interview patients, take vital signs (pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, body mass index, weight, and height), and also take records on patient’s history. Moreover, they may be required to draw and collect blood samples from the patient and prepare specimens for laboratory procedures and analysis. They also provide help with patient’s examinations, keeping of confidential information and discuss it with other medical personnel that is involved in treating the patient.

The healthcare field is one of the largest sectors in the US. The vast number of employees needed in the sector is attractive to those looking for a career. Many find employment in various specialties such as those in the administrative unit, clinical units, and others. However, medical assistants may be able to specialize in the Administrative unit; where they often fill out an insurance forms, or coding of patient’s medical information, answering of calls and scheduling of appointments for patients. They also specialize in clinical medical assistant; where they perform different duties, based on the facility they are working for. They do basic laboratory tests, disposing of contaminated supplies, and sterilization of medical instruments. Clinical medical assistants give instruction to patients about medication, or preparation of patient’s for x-rays, removing of stitches, and changing of wound dressings. They also give help to ophthalmologists and optometrists in taking care of patients. The educational qualification for a medical assistant job is a postsecondary education. Employers are looking for individuals who have successfully completed a training program. These programs usually take about 8 months to complete. Your training will lead to a medical assistant diploma.

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Individual’s in this profession must have analytical skills so that they will be to understand and follow medical charts and diagnosis, and thus have the ability to code patient’s medical record for billing purposes. They must be detailed oriented in what records they keep as physicians and insurance companies do make used of them when the need arises. They must strong interpersonal skills so that, they would be able to communicate with patients to know the conditions they are passing through. They need technical skills so that they should make use of basic clinical instruments in keeping a proper vital sign.

Medical assistants have a median annual salary of about $30,590, with the lowest 10% earned is less than $22,040, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $43,880. However, the median salary wage per annum differs as follows; those working in outpatient care centers earn $32,060, while those working in hospitals under state, local and private earn $31,410, those who are employed in offices earns $30,830 and those working in offices of other health practitioners earns $27,980. Medical assistants have an employment growth rate of about 23 percent from 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. The job prospect of medical assistants who earns certification and has familiarity with the electronic health records (EHRs) may have better job prospects. As a medical assistant, there is an increasing number of practices, clinics, and other healthcare facilities that need them to complete both administrative and clinical duties. * 1/19/2017

Why California Career Institute is the Right Place to obtain a certificate for Medical Assistants.
California is the largest state in terms of healthcare facilities. In California, medical assistants must always work under a direct supervision of a physician or medical practitioner (Midwife nurse, Nurse Practitioner) before allowed to perform their duties of any kind.

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