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Stress Management Techniques for Nurses

Working in healthcare can be daunting sometimes. You work in an environment that deals with tragedy on a daily basis and requires you to have a tough constitution. It’s also true that nurses see no end to juggling a meaningful career…

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Difference Between LVN and RN

What’s the difference between an LVN and an RN?

Students that are considering entering one of these programs often ask this question. After all, one program can…

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LVN Job Interview Advice

When you’re new to the field and looking for your first job, the only thing that really shines through is what you say in your interview. You might have some experiences and volunteer work from…

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Finding work as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) is often the starting point for most people when they take the courses and complete their program. Working as a CNA, you might have seen LVNs taking charge in the workplace. LVNs are calm…

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Starting Pay for LVN in California

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Average LVN Salary is $44,090 per year as of 2017, a slight increase from 2016 and is expected to keep growing. This salary of LVNs also varies heavily based on…

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Medical Assistants and Primary Care

As a medical assistant, you could be an integral part of flow management. This means you would be the one that ensures appointment are made and kept, follow-up with patients have been scheduled…

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Where Can a Vocational Nurse Work?

Anywhere people need help, essentially. The vocational nurse acts as a support system for doctors and nurses. That means the need for licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) is everywhere. Vocational nurses, work in…

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What do Medical Assistants Do?

A medical assistant is someone that is trained to take medical histories and record vital signs for patients. Functionally, they provide both administrative and medical assistance to doctors and nurses.

Medical assistant positions are one of the…

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The U.S. Needs Nurses

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, The U.S. is projected to experience a shortage of Registered Nurses (RNs) which will intensify as Baby Boomers age and their need for health care grows. Nurses are needed now more than…

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What are CNA Programs?

For those of you researching the different medical fields available, you may have come across CNA Programs. These Certified Nursing Assistant programs take you through the…